Hippodice 2011

My game prototype “Water to Water” has been selected for the second round of competition at Hippodice 2011. The first round consisted of simply submitting game rules for review. In the second round the selected games are play-tested in Germany by a panel of professional play-testers. My prototype will soon be on its way to Germany!

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to develop and test my game up to this point, especially Jon Lonczak, Karl Siemers, and David Schwenker (who spent hundreds of hours play-testing this game even in its monotonous early stages), the Spielbany play-testing group, Thomas Kiehl, and my wife, Gwyneth Kiehl, who has helped to edit and play-test every detail of the final revisions.

If you don’t know what my game is, it is a tile game where each player has different goals they are trying to accomplish. Some players are trying to make lakes, others rivers… there are fourteen different goals in all.

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