Water to Water

My game prototype “Water to Water” is on its way to Germany (For Hippodice 2011). Here are a few pictures of my prototype:

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5 Responses to Water to Water

  1. Jonathan Lonczak says:

    I love it!

  2. Great looking prototype. It certainly makes me want to find out how it plays. Who did the printing for you?

    • mdkiehl says:

      I had the printing done at Staples but, I mounted and cut everything myself (cards, tiles and the box). I was surprised by the quality of the printing at Staples, but my preference would have been to use Messiah College Press (in Grantham PA) because they have better prices and paper choices. Sadly I had to go with Staples simply because of time concerns. It would have been a bit more difficult and costly if I didn’t know how to cut, mount and construct everything myself. It helps to be part engineer, part artist, part graphic designer when making game prototypes.

  3. Gilbert says:

    Wow, nice job! It looks very proffesional. Do you take commissions?

    • mdkiehl says:

      Yes, I do take commissions. In fact, I’m working on four projects right now. I currently design for $20 an hour. This includes both fine-art and graphic design. I work much like a product designer, I try to work with my clients to not only give them great graphics but also to help them with print production when I can (if applicable). Please e-mail me if you are interested. You can find it here: https://mdkiehl.wordpress.com/contact


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