Truro Church – Exhibition Opening

I would like to invite you all out to the 2011 Spring Arts Festival that is happening this weekend at Truro Church in Fairfax, VA. This isn’t simply a gallery exhibition; there are a number of events going on. For example, there is a “Battle of the Bands” on April 16th from 4-6pm, as well as various workshops, concerts, craft sales, and events for children. You can learn more about the Spring Arts Festival at

"The Rationalist"

"The Rationalist," 2008, Engraved Wood

You will find “The Rationalist” on display at this exhibition along with three of my Pen & Ink drawings.

My wife and I both submitted work to the Juried Exhibition. This will be the first time our work has exhibited together since the summer of 2009! If you want to come and support our work there is a reception at 1pm on Saturday, April 16th. The world-renowned artist, Edward Knippers will be judging the show. Unfortunately, Gwyneth and I will not be there because this weekend we will be at Spielbany for what is sure to be an amazing weekend of play-testing with game designers from around the world! Water to Water and some of my other games are on the schedule!

I hope you all have a beautiful spring weekend – and thank you for stopping in along with the 600+ individuals who have come by since I last posted!

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