Exhibitions Opening

Today in Glen Allen, VA (Near Richmond, VA) an exhibition is opening with a collection of work from artists that work in the same studio with me (Studio 5 at the Workhouse Arts Center). I will have 5 pieces on display. This Exhibit will run from January 12th to March 12th. On Saturday, January 21st there will be a reception where you can meet many of the artists. This Exhibition will be held at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen.

Also, this weekend is Second Saturday at the Workhouse Arts Center, when all the galleries around the campus celebrate openings with food and fanfare. This month Studio 5 will have a show called “Shelter.” During this exhibition we will be collecting hats, gloves, and breakfast cereal to support Lorton Community action. This exhibition will be on display from January 11th to Feb 5th.

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1 Response to Exhibitions Opening

  1. Lindsey says:

    Love the one with the horse! It’s interesting how you are getting into using images!

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