Celtic Knots, Honesty and Prayer

I’ve been playing around recently with some Celtic patterns. My style of drawing lends itself to being able to do this kind of design with Pen & Ink. What is really different about my normal work in comparison is the fact that I don’t normally plan this much. Celtic designs deeply influence my work, so I’ve experimented recently with them to see what I might discover.
What I found myself thinking about as I drew this was an issue of honesty. Depending on who I’m around I find that honesty takes on a few different flavors. What I want to create and what I plan to create are in a way at odds. You see, in my normal drawings I build each mark off of previous marks, working ink directly to the page without much of a plan, but in a Celtic pattern the whole thing must be planned out before the ink touches the page.
Interestingly, these two kinds of honesty are sometimes represented in different forms of Christian worship. For example, an Anglican or Catholic church will tend toward pre-written prayers read during their services while, in contrast, Baptist or Pentecostal churches will tend toward spontaneous prayer. Some people seem to think that one is more honest or true than the other. I lean more toward a middle-way though. I think that each has its use, and some people will be better at one or the other.

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