Exhibition Open: Craft and Character

My new exhibition called “Craft and Character” is now open at the Durant Center in Alexandria (1605 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA, 22314). This new show contains 15 works on paper, distressed paper, in fact. In these pieces I’ve started with pen & ink, then destroyed the paper (with heat, water, ink, and sometimes coffee, wax and metallic powders). Most of these are entirely abstract, and maybe even looking like trash to some people. My idea in these works was to create objects that demonstrate the beauty of brokenness, and the contingency of the physical realm.

Forgetting Many Regrets

From my artist statement: “My work is a reminder that true character is born out of a mature response to our loneliness, finititude and the permanency of our actions.”  You can find the full statement at the exhibition; it is also being published in the upcoming edition of the Workhouse Arts Center Magazine. This exhibition might be up as long as Dec 2012!

If you are passing through Alexandria you might also want to stop in and see my piece in the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center. My Wife and I both have work in the March Madness show.

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