Save The Date: July 14th

You are invited to join me for the opening reception of my Exhibit Craft & Character [Part III: An Exploration of Light]. The reception will be held at the Workhouse Arts Center (The Old DC prison!), Building 5, from 6:00-9:00pm, on Saturday July 14th, as part of the Second Saturday Art Walk. If you can’t come on the 14th the exhibit will be up from July 11th to August 5th, but you will miss the food and festivities!

For other information and directions to the exhibit please visit the Facebook event

In the month of July, Matthew Kiehl will present his capstone exhibition for the year. This will be the third part of his exhibition series, Craft & Character; Parts I and II are on display at the Durant Arts Center (until January 2013) and the Lee Center (until January 2013) in Alexandria, VA. In this third, simultaneous exhibit, Matthew will display a series of works in his unique Pen & Ink style within an installation of his own design, in Workhouse Studio 5. Unlike his other two exhibitions, this will feature drawings illuminated from behind by light, accentuating both the texture of the paper and the contrast of the black marks.

Matthew Kiehl uses a unique form of Pen & Ink drawing that is composed entirely of simple glyph-like marks–reminiscent of ancient cultures, technology, and science fiction. His work holds much of its meaning in the process; he does not pre-plan his designs but allows them to unfold and evolve one mark at a time. Each mark is made immediately permanent by the ink–in the same way that we cannot take back the actions we take in our lives. “My work is a reminder that true character is born out of a mature response to our loneliness, finititude and the permanency of our actions.”

Until Next Time,
Matthew Kiehl

P.S. Be sure to take a look at the computer game I’m working on: The Land of Eyass

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