From the Show “An Exploration of Light”

It is in fact very difficult to photograph images in the dark… In this most recent exhibit I’ve created an installation where the work is all illuminated from behind, within a dark installation. The show just opened last Saturday night. Please let me know if you have any questions about the show.

Thumbnail from “The Dreamer’s Tree”, pen & ink with light by Matthew Kiehl.

Opening day went very well–over 300 people turned out for the event, making it somewhat crowded at times, despite some rain we had. It was actually the best day for visitors this year. People had a very positive response to my work.

The wall issue did get resolved. It got put up Thursday/Friday. I was able to work through the night to finish installing the show to open on Saturday. I was still kinda fumbling with the curtains as people were coming in.

The show will remain up through August 5th, so if the weather prevented you from coming out there is still a few more weeks left. I will also post some images soon to share with you all.

Thanks again to my sponsors! (the unword dictionary)
Andromeda Training INC (the game of income/outcome)
Legion Paper (The makers of Stonehenge fine art papers)
Happy Square Productions (The Land of Eyas)

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