The Land of Eyas Debut Trailer

This is the debut trailer of the video game I’ve been working on, The Land of Eyas.  The video is all from some early development; we’ve taken the graphics even further since we put this together.

As you can see, we’ve used my distinct Pen & Ink style to decorate these stages in the game. My work does translate well from Pen & Ink to game graphics. It is an interesting opportunity to use a traditional medium in a new way. The trees and grass are all drawn by hand on paper first before they become part of the game. Unlike most contemporary games this involves hand-made drawings, not simply digital painting. This gives it a very rich, unique feel.

To learn more about my pen & ink style you might want to look at my other videos or at my portfolio.

Matthew Kiehl

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1 Response to The Land of Eyas Debut Trailer

  1. mdkiehl says:

    We have come very far since this point! Though the game did not launch in 2012, haha.

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