An Exploration of Light: Video!

I spent over 800 hours drawing these six Pen & Ink drawings. In addition I made special frames that back-light the drawings. This is accomplished by having glass behind the paper and lights built into deep frames. This exhibit was on display at the Workhouse Arts Center during July of 2012.

I am an artist with a unique visual art form that I might call “Neoglyphic” Art. These drawings are made almost completely free-hand through a process of making small shapes or glyphs that build off of one another. These drawings are NOT made by or in a computer, you could even say that these drawings are “written by hand.” Please see my video “Speed Drawing” to see how these are made. These drawings can take as much as two hours per square inch to make.

Some of these drawings take special advantage of the back-lighting, by drawing on both the front and the back of the paper. This creates a hidden layer of the drawing that is only visible when the light is on.

My drawings are typically black and white; however, with light behind the paper it can look like black and gold or black and yellow. Sometimes it looks like I’ve drawn over-top of the black areas with gold (or white) but this is accomplished by not drawing in some areas and letting the paper – and in this case Light- shine through.

-The Dreamer’s Tree
-Identity, Purpose and Significance
-Desert Garden
-Character, Even Under the Shadow of Death
-The Transfiguration
-The Testing of Patience Through the Application of Simple Principles at Various Levels of Scale

The Unword Dictionary;
Andromeda Simulations;
Legion Paper, fine art papers;
Happy Square Productions;

Matthew Kiehl

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