Seven Days Remaining on Kickstarter

The final week of our crowdfunding is upon us! With 125 backers we have about 80% of our funding goal! Take a look at our game and see if you would like to support us:

>>> <<<


That is right, this is a game with some really funky physics. And yes that is a frog…

The game is a bit of an indie mash-up with similarities to Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV, Braid, fez and other indie titles. Many of the puzzles in the game are created by a “line of gravitational change” – that runs through the middle of each map (as seen above).  This means that often the player has to play upside-down at times, and use this feature of the word to their advantage. The story in the game is a little like Where the Wild Things Are – meets The Wizard of Oz. All together it makes for an interesting, dynamic world – also containing many of my ink drawing 😉

We will be selling this game through the Steam Network once it is completed – we already have the green light!

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