What is creativity?


Sometimes being a creative person feels like a descent into a kind of madness. At least for a creative like myself.

I even find myself wondering, “What is creativity?” I wonder if creativity has the value that I think it has – as a central part of a good life. Is the life of an artist (like myself) good or have I been brainwashed into a coarse of life that is damaging to myself and others?

So, what is creativity?

I may not be able to say what it is exactly but I can reflect over various ways it has been formulated:

  • Problem solving (a skill) – Inventiveness or cleverness, for overcoming challenges.
  • To have imagination – the capacity to see possibilities (or create possibilities).
  • A process of self-discovery, self-revelation or self-invention.
  • A capacity to communicate ideas from one’s imagination.
  • An ability to make things beautiful, or make beautiful things.
  • The capacity to create novelty (something new).

All these things might be facets, bolted to the core convergence of what creativity is. Whatever it may be, I often think it is heightened when we think of creativity as a form of sharing, born of courage and love. So much of what we create is an outpouring of generosity. The most beautiful things we can’t help but share – perhaps we need each other to fully experience those things – to verify its beauty and validity beyond our own minds. But, what is beauty?

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