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What Makes an Artist?

I’ve been re-examining the convictions that made me become an artist. Being an artist is risky. It was hard to know if my craft would be accepted or appreciated. I wasn’t sure if I had the skill to pull it … Continue reading

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What is creativity?

Sometimes being a creative person feels like a descent into a kind of madness. At least for a creative like myself. I even find myself wondering, “What is creativity?” I wonder if creativity has the value that I think it … Continue reading

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Upcoming Exhibits

It looks like I’ll be in two upcoming exhibits, one at Artomatic: And one at Convergence with my wife Gwyneth! Mark your calendar for 7-9pm Nov 13th for our duo show: “He was, I am.” I’ll post some … Continue reading

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The Problem of Architecture (The Loss of Tribe)

Where has community gone? Why are so many lonely? The problem is architecture. 1) People’s houses are too big, so they don’t need to go somewhere else. If you live in a small apartment you might feel a need to … Continue reading

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Doodle Bird

For more about this project visit:

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Accursed Are The Rich (The Rich Man and Lazarus)

I’ve just recently finished this drawing of the Rich Man and Lazarus, titled: Accursed Are The Rich [9 x 12 pen & ink on distressed paper]. I’ve had this parable on my mind for a long time. It is a … Continue reading

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The Armor of God

Last month I worked on a few drawings of the armor of God. This is referencing the passage in Ephesians 6:10-20 Where St. Paul uses the imagery of a soldier to describe the life of saints (Followers of Christ). I … Continue reading

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My 30th Birthday

Today is my thirtieth birthday. So, I thought  I would write down some feelings, and lessons learned. I’ve been lucky. Life has been really good – great family, safe places to live, food and education. I’ve found ways to live … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned in one year (#2)

Last year I wrote a little list of things that I learned while working at my public studio at the Workhouse Arts Center. I started compiling this list some time ago, as I came to some realizations. Being an artist … Continue reading

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An Exploration of Light: Video!

I spent over 800 hours drawing these six Pen & Ink drawings. In addition I made special frames that back-light the drawings. This is accomplished by having glass behind the paper and lights built into deep frames. This exhibit was … Continue reading

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