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Broken Magic

Sometimes there is beauty in the messy jumble, in the pipework, the cabling, the draft, the tangle, the engine and the computer. More in the programing than the program, the rehearsal than the dance. All under the hood, below the … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Supply and Demand?

I’ve said before that artists can be among the highest commanders of justice, but they must understand justice in order to command it. Artists often convey to us what we might want; in other words, Artists create demand (through ads … Continue reading

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The Power of The Artist

Have you ever thought about how powerful, or influential artists are? Maybe it is a bit of self-flattery on my part to think this, but I think artists are among the most influential people – more than judges, lawgivers, even … Continue reading

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What Makes an Artist?

I’ve been re-examining the convictions that made me become an artist. Being an artist is risky. It was hard to know if my craft would be accepted or appreciated. I wasn’t sure if I had the skill to pull it … Continue reading

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The Problem of Architecture (The Loss of Tribe)

Where has community gone? Why are so many lonely? The problem is architecture. 1) People’s houses are too big, so they don’t need to go somewhere else. If you live in a small apartment you might feel a need to … Continue reading

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My 30th Birthday

Today is my thirtieth birthday. So, I thought  I would write down some feelings, and lessons learned. I’ve been lucky. Life has been really good – great family, safe places to live, food and education. I’ve found ways to live … Continue reading

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Escapism and the Avenue to Heaven

I’ve mentioned before (in Making a Mark) how I’ve seen a few examples of Apathy in our culture. Recently I’ve also recognized Escapism in a few places in our culture. Often Apathy and Escapism go hand in hand. For example, … Continue reading

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