Game Design & Game Art

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While I am an artist, I am also a game designer, and graphic designer. Below you will find a few samples of gaming projects I’ve worked on. To see examples of my fine-art please visit my Portfolio.

Water to Water (By Matthew Kiehl 2010-2018)
A tile laying and matching game were each player has a different goal (14 different goals in all). Water to Water advanced through round one of Hippodice 2011, a competition in Germany. (Final stage of development, not yet published.)


The Land of Eyas (By Happy Square Productions, 2011-2017)
A computer game developed with Stephen Hoskins (Happy Square Productions). You can now buy this game on Steam! This is a game we partly funded through Kickstarter.

The Land of Eyas

(by Andromida Training Inc.)
Learn more about Andromeda Training’s products at their website.

“The Abbey”  (By Matthew Kiehl )
A cooperative game set in Medieval Ireland, where players work together to survive and thrive during  an invasion of men from the north (vikings). Each player has a monk or nun that they use to collect food or other necessities. This game is loosely structured off of movie “The Secret of Kells”, and “How the Irish Saved Civilization” a book about the history of Ireland. (Under Development)

“Sector X”
or “Sector 140” ( By Matthew Kiehl )
A game where players face off in a race to collect life forms and resources from space. This Sci-Fi game is played with triangular tiles that are placed on each player’s turn, and small ships that are maneuvered through space. Often this is a game of “TAKE THAT!” where players try to block and slow down other players from winning. (Under Development)

“The Odyssey of Thebes” or “Greek Odyssey” ( By Matthew Kiehl )
A role-playing game (RPG) game where players take on the role of ancient Greek warriors in an unfamiliar land.  (Under Development)






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