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Below you will see some samples of my fine art, mostly pen & ink drawings. You may Contact me for graphic design samples, or see Game Design & Game Art.


“Bird”, 2013, Pen & Ink

Accursed are the Rich

Accursed are the Rich” (The Rich man and Lazarus), 2015, Pen & Ink


PerserverancePerseverance“, 2014, Pen & Ink

"The Transfiguration" by Matthew Kiehl, pen & ink on paper

The Transfiguration” 2012, Pen & Ink



Meandering“, 2012, Pen & Ink on distressed paper



“Desert Garden”, 2012, Pen and Ink on distressed paper

“Fish”, 2013, Pen & Ink

"A Moment for Contemplation"

“A Moment for Contemplation,” 2009, Engraved Wood

"Seven Years of Thought"

“Seven Years of Thought,” 2009, CNC Engraved Aluminum and Etched Zinc

"The Persuite of Charactor"

“The Pursuit of Character,” 2009, Pen & Ink on Paper (12in x 18in)

"The Empiricist"

“The Empiricist,” 2009, Mixed Media

"Letter Writing Box"

“Letter Writing Box,” 2009, Engraved Wood


All images and artwork Copyright Matthew Kiehl 2009-2016
Contact me for information regarding pricing and availability.

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2 Responses to Portfolio

  1. Donna says:

    Stopped by the Workhouse today and looked through your studio window. Loved your work.

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