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Craft and Character: Essay Published

I wanted to inform you all that my essay, “Craft and Character” has been published in the Workhouse Arts Center Magazine (Volume 3 Edition 2, April-June 2012). So if you are a big fan you might want to get yourself … Continue reading

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If I was on “Dancing with the Stars”…

I would walk like an Egyptian,  or “Do the Egyptian” if I was on Dancing with the Stars. But Dancing with the Stars makes me uncomfortable just watching it, so I doubt I would want to be on it. Maybe if … Continue reading

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Cosmic Conditions

One of the recurring themes in my work is “Cosmic Conditions”. I’m often wondering about the conditions that create an existence such as our own. For example I often wonder if something like consciousness arises when certain conditions arise. I … Continue reading

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Exploring Identity

I’ve been exploring the concept of Identity through my drawings recently. Art is often considered a form of self expression in western cultures, and so our art is often considered expressions of our Identity. The artist reveals who they are … Continue reading

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Reflecting Back On – 9/11/2001

I have privately struggled with 9/11  in a way that might be different from most. My birthday is on September 10th and in 2001 I turned 18 (the day before 9/11). I remember late that night (of my birthday) telling … Continue reading

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A Little Elephant.

I just wanted to share A little elephant with you all today in order to say thank you for stopping by! I just started this site not long ago and today I’ve reached 500 all time visitors! Thank you all … Continue reading

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