The Land of Eyas

For about 10 months now I’ve been working with Stephen Hoskins, and Kristin Parker on an Indy computer game called The Land of Eyas. I’ve discovered through this that my Pen & Ink style translates well into a computer game environment. It has also allowed for some interesting experiments with color and layers that you will never find in my Pen & Ink work. The players get to move through worlds built from my drawings, in much the same way their imagination might explore my drawings. Here are some screenshots of the progress so far:
(Click to see larger)

Be sure to come back to check on our progress! If you would like a chance at playing The Land of Eyas (before it comes out) be sure to come JULY 14th to my exhibition opening at the Workhouse Arts Center, Building 5, Studio 510B (from 6:00-9:00pm). 9601 Ox Road, Lorton, Virginia 22079 (In the old prison converted into an arts center!)

Also be sure to look at my current exhibits:
Spring and Summer Openings 2012

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Matthew Kiehl

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7 Responses to The Land of Eyas

  1. Lookin’ Really good. It’a a platformer, I take it?

  2. Stephen Hoskins says:

    It is indeed a platformer.

    Thanks for the comment. It’s greatly appreciated!

  3. Taelia Aeril says:

    The art looks amazing, I’m just curious as to why the decision to have such.. blocky levels? Was it a design choice, or more of a limitation you have to work around?

    • Stephen Hoskins says:

      Blocks are being used because it helps the operator determine just how high a particular platform may be so that he/she will be able to determine if that platform can be reached. So it’s actually been designed this way as a result of the game mechanics.

      Thanks for the comment! =D

      • Taelia Aeril says:

        Many old games used a very clear tile-based system that didn’t consist of a single type of tile, for example..

        In the black and grey level, the use of that single tile in several tints actually looks really artistic, in the image above that seems pretty redundant. Of course, this is just minor nitpicking ^_~ but it may help you in some way or another.

  4. Stephen Hoskins says:

    Hey again!

    Ya, Matt and I totally want a plethora of beautiful looking tiles that complement each other, and coloring is definitely very important. (I probably worship the all mighty color wheel way more than is healthy for any one individual….) You’re definitely not nitpicking because we feel the same way. So we’re continuing to grind away here with populating the game with pretty graphics.

    You’ll notice that we do have different shades for the blocks in some of the screen captures as well as different colors in some of the others. However, we would love to have say snow on some of the blocks or different designs, like maybe a neat pattern etched into some of them. I definitely feel that putting the extra work required into our blocks will add more interest as well as more depth to the mini-universe that we’re designing here.

    Oh my. It appears that I may have typed way too much again…

    Thanks Taelia!

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